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Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by Tikkune, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Tikkune

    Tikkune Guest

    Plesk for Windows 7.5.6 :: Server > Service Management:
    Service: SWsoft SiteBuilder
    Component name : Windows SiteBuilder 1.2.0

    When I attempt to access SiteBuilder via Plesk > Server > Services : SiteBuilder, the page:


    ... attempts to open, and begins to display, until the message:

    Loading... Please wait until this screen is completely loaded.

    ... pops-up and the hour-glass is flipping around. But the page never completely loads, and I cannot get into the SiteBuilder service.

    Anyone have any ideas why this page won't open?
  2. Tikkune

    Tikkune Guest

    After making this post, I realized that I am still inside my 30 days of purchase for Plesk, so I still have support directly from Plesk. I contacted SWsoft Support and ask then what might be wrong.

    SWsoft Plesk Support suggested there could be a problem with name resolution. I think that IS my problem, and I'm looking into it. Meanwhile, instead of using the name of my server, which comes up by default when I attempt to get to the SiteBuilder Admin Control Panel via Plesk > Server > Services : SiteBuilder, I reached the SB Admin CP using the IP address that resolves to the server name:


    And when I did that, the Admin CP loaded quickly, and did NOT hang with the message:

    Loading... Please wait until this screen is completely loaded.

    Use an IP address instead of the domain name/server name, to workaround any DNS troubles. That's what worked for me. :)

    PS: Since I understand Plesk for Windows 7.5 may have automatically installed SiteBuilder 1.2.0 - I did not know what the SB Admin CP "admin" username and password was. Since for my installation I did not personally do the original Plesk installation, I don't know exactly what happened during the initial Plesk install. What SWsoft Tech Support told me is that the default SB Admin CP Username is "root". Using that username along with my Plesk Admin password, I was able to get into the SB Admin CP. Good to know...