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plesk restore commands?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ryandenis, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. ryandenis

    ryandenis Guest

    trying to do a plesk restore seems simple enough however its asking for things i am not farmiliar with.

    [root@localhost bin]# ./psarestore -f PSAbkup.2.24.05
    Option -m <ip_map_file> is required.
    Option -s <shells_map_file> is required.
    Usage: ./psarestore [-h] [-L] [-t] [-V vhosts_dir] -f <dump_file> -m <ip_map_file> -s <shells_map_file> [-c clients_map_file] [options]

    any ideas? looks like it needs an ip map file and a shells map file? where do you get these?
  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    ./psarestore -f PSAbkup.2.24.05 -m ipmap -s shellmap

    .... run the above. This will generate the ipmap and shellmap and stop. Then you edit the ipmap and shellmap (which are well documented within the template files it creates), then rerun the above command.
  3. ryandenis

    ryandenis Guest

    sweet thanks it worked!! i had to map the ips from the old server to the new servers ip's and figure that part out but it worked great thanks!