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Qmail problem when recieving mail

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by coh_hl, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. coh_hl

    coh_hl Guest


    We have Plesk 7.5.3. Today I recgonized that it takes several hours to recieve e-mail from the server to Outlook or the webmail. This problem has never happened before. There are e-mails sent to me 10.44 am, 10:46 am and 10:49 am. I recieved the first e-mail about 12 am and then the last at 1 pm.

    I also sent a testmail to myself at 1.30 PM that I recieved 2.26 PM.

    This problem is affecting about 250 domains.

    Here is the component versions from our server:

    psa 7.5.3-rhel3.build75050506.13

    httpd 2.0.46-46.ent

    bind 9.2.4-7_EL3

    courier-imap 3.0.8-rhel3.build75050506.13


    mailman 2.1.5-25.rhel3

    mysql 3.23.58-15.RHEL3.1

    postgresql-server 7.3.10-1

    webalizer 2.01_10-15.ent

    php 4.3.2-23.ent

    mod_python 3.0.3-5.ent

    coldfusion Component was not installed

    psa-migration-manager 7.5.3-rhel3.build75050506.18

    SSHTerm 0.2.2-rhel3.build75050506.13

    spamassassin 2.63-0.2

    psa-qmail 1.03-rhel3.build75050506.13

    psa-qmail-rblsmtpd 0.70-rhel3.build75050506.13

    psa-proftpd 1.2.10-rhel3.build75050506.13

    psa-logrotate 3.7-rhel3.build75050506.13

    psa-spamassassin 7.5.3-rhel3.build75050506.13

    tomcat4 4.1.24-full.2jpp

    psa-tomcat-configurator 7.5.3-rhel3.build75050506.13

    mod_perl 1.99_09-10.ent

    perl-Apache-ASP 2.57-rhel3.build75050506.13

    drweb 4.32.2-rh7_psa

    drweb-qmail 4.32-rhel3.build75050506.13

    psa-bu 7.5.3-rhel3.build75050506.13

    psa-api-rpc 7.5.3-rhel3.build75050509.09

    I can't find /usr/local/psa/admin/logs/maillog

    In the directory /usr/local/psa/admin/logs/ I can find this:

    httpsd_access_log httpsd_error_log.1.gz key_update_log.3.gz
    httpsd_access_log.10.gz httpsd_error_log.2.gz ssl_cache.dir
    httpsd_access_log.11.gz httpsd_error_log.3.gz ssl_cache.pag
    httpsd_access_log.12.gz httpsd_error_log.4.gz ssl_log
    httpsd_access_log.1.gz httpsd_error_log.5.gz ssl_log.10.gz
    httpsd_access_log.2.gz httpsd_error_log.6.gz ssl_log.11.gz
    httpsd_access_log.3.gz httpsd_error_log.7.gz ssl_log.12.gz
    httpsd_access_log.4.gz httpsd_error_log.8.gz ssl_log.1.gz
    httpsd_access_log.5.gz httpsd_error_log.9.gz ssl_log.2.gz
    httpsd_access_log.6.gz httpsd.pid ssl_log.3.gz
    httpsd_access_log.7.gz httpsd_ssl_engine_log ssl_log.4.gz
    httpsd_access_log.8.gz httpsd_ssl_engine_log.1.gz ssl_log.5.gz
    httpsd_access_log.9.gz httpsd_ssl_request_log ssl_log.6.gz
    httpsd_error_log httpsd_ssl_request_log.1.gz ssl_log.7.gz
    httpsd_error_log.10.gz key_update_log ssl_log.8.gz
    httpsd_error_log.11.gz key_update_log.1.gz ssl_log.9.gz
    httpsd_error_log.12.gz key_update_log.2.gz

    Thank you in advance!

  2. jshanley

    jshanley Guest

    I bet your server load is high, and you were spammed. How many spamc/spamd processes are running? Probably too many.

    ps auxwww|grep spam|wc -l

  3. coh_hl

    coh_hl Guest

    Thank you very much! I don't know anything about "spamc/spamd processes ". Here is the output from the command you gave me:

    [root@coh-04 admin]# ps auxwww|grep spam|wc -l
    [root@coh-04 admin]#

    Anyway the http part etc of the server is fast...
  4. Luckiestlee

    Luckiestlee Guest

    helo hendrik

    please check under /var/qmail/queue/lock/trigger permission
    the permision must prw-rw-rw if it's don't have write previledges you will receiving email just every half or one hour.