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Sitebuilder 4.2 Error: Site compilation has been failed

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.2 for Linux' started by isabel.estevao, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. isabel.estevao

    isabel.estevao Guest


    I receive the following sitebuilder error when I try to edit a specific site:

    Internal Sitebuilder error.
    File: /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/SB/Helpers/Wizard/Edit/Html/Site.php; Line: 42
    Message: Site compilation has been failed; Code: 0

    And when I try to publish that same site it returns the following error:

    Notice: Undefined offset: 4096 in /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/Base/SyntaxException.php on line 49

    Internal Sitebuilder error. File: /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/SB/Actions/Status.php; Line: 283
    Message: PHP : Argument 1 passed to SB_Actions_Status::importMessages() must be an instance of SB_Actions_Status, boolean given, called in /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/SB/Actions/Admin/Site/Publish.php on line 69 and defined; Code: 4096

    Any ideas?


  2. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    As I remember there was such an issue in 4.2 version but it was successfully corrected in new release 4.5. It looks like this situation related to file name for one of the page. I can suggest you to accomplish upgrade to avoid such situation in future. For now, you can try to resolve this situation in the following way.
    1. Log into Mysql 'sitebuilder3' database and make following selection:

    mysql> select id, parent_id, title, file_name from site_page where file_name='0';

    it should output some page with '0' file name.

    2. If there is an output, just update file_name for this page from '0' to something else, like 'test' or 'page100', something unique.

    3. After that you will need to find 0.php page directly on Sitebuilder server and rename it to the same name which you used in database:

    # find /usr/local/sitebuilder/htdocs/sites/ -name '0.php'
    As soon as files are found, just rename them to 0.php.

    If you are not sure about the actions, just perform following two commands and let me know the output:

    in database: mysql> select id, parent_id, title, file_name from site_page where file_name='0';

    and on the server: # find /usr/local/sitebuilder/htdocs/sites/ -name '0.php'