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Test Upgrades First

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by MrBafner, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. MrBafner

    MrBafner Guest

    You people must enjoy screwing around with peoples lives. You place a automatic upgrade feature in the contorl panel, but all the upgrades screw up the server.

    4 times last year I upgraded, and ever single time I had to spend a week or more to resolve the issues.

    This server is suppose to be user friendly, we have lost more clients becuase of stupid mistakes made by you people than hat the server is worth.

    We pay just over $1500 per year for the server, and we spend most of our spare time trying to keep it togehter.

    The 7.5.2 upgrade is a total dissaster.

    We cannot log in, we have to somehow reset the login page..... there are no instructions anywhere for this.

    No user can accept email, receive email, or understand why their email passwords have all of a sudden not recognised, who the hell do they call... the server admin.

    But we cannot contact you, because there is nowhere where we can find to contact the plesk technical support without going through our server.

    As we lease the server of a 3rd party, we are continuously told they have no control over the Plesk upgrades, as they are the responsibility of the Plesk people. Well make our clients happy!!!!!

    Fix the problems before you put them in the automatic upgrade feature.
  2. MrBafner

    MrBafner Guest

    OK the great guys at the place were our sever resides managed to restor our login page.

    However, now we are faced with resetting every password for all email accounts, a great mondy coming up. We have restarted the qmail several times, and rebooted the server as directed by the server guys.... They Rock!!!!!!

    Now I see that in the upgrade section, we have

    Base packages of Plesk Jan 28, 2005 Not installed

    No Base Packages at all.

    If we try to install them we get a unhappy MySql error.
  3. Whistler

    Whistler Guest

    Hmm, your'e bitching around a bit in these forums...

    But as yet, I haven't seen you post a single errormessage or any helpfull information about your OS, the system you've upgraded from, etc.

    Have you searched this forum, installed the patch files provided by Sw-Soft to fix some known issues?

    Have you by any change in any way contacted Sw-Soft with your problems or are you just bitching around here?

    If you have so many problems with the upgrades (and by god, we all know that isen't one of the strongest features of Plesk), I can't understand why you have to upgrade a working system if it cost you customers every time you upgrade?

    I (for the moment) live happy with Plesk 7.1.6 (and hopefully the soon to some 7.1.7) because I don't want to destroy any thing running - and most features in Plesk 7.5 is (IMHO) things that my customers can live without...
  4. MrBafner

    MrBafner Guest

    I am bitching because everytime you try to improve your services using the auto-updater (most updates are very welcome as they should be), they seem to stuff around your entire system.

    We run Plesk on RedHat 9.0, which is sitting on a rack filled with 2.4 pentiums with the rest of the goodies.

    Now why do we upgrade:-

    * they are suppose to actually improve security, services, spam detection, administration (heck the 7.2 upgrade was a huge improvement and well implimented)

    * suppose to save us time manually upgrading other services such as php versions etc, it is done in the plesk upgrade feature. In which is suppose to actually help us in mainting our server.

    * and we dont want to spend all our time in the root doing **** that will take hours of time, when the same thing is suppose to be able to be done in the plesk control panel in a few minutes. You could say.... a lazy bunch of people paying plesk to make their life easier.... after all why pay all that money and still be in root.

    The way we have it at the momment is access to the server, access to root, and unable to upgrade at all... due to "unable to connect to the MySql database" or "unable to retrieve the information from the MySql database. So MySql was restarted several times and still nothing. The server was rebooted several times and nothing.

    In the plesk upgrade panel it now states most things have to be upgraded, and we have NO BASE PACKAGE... and we cannot install at all.

    Yes, we have now contacted the plesk support, we could not until we can some information to satisfy the plesk technical support page, which we could not find until we could log into the server itself. You cannot submit the information until you have all the information, the correct information is on the server. (Lic, date of purchase, etc).

    There were a lot of upgrades last year put in place simply without any trial first. In November I think it was, fixes were coming regular after they were resolved in this forum. So I figure, if you pay all that money for a working product, you would think they could at least test it on a few different scenerio's first. Instead of labelling the Plesk server as "Tested on Animals".

    Or is it the fact that real licence holders that genuinely pay for the service to have a Plesk server are punished in using the auto upgrade feature to weed out unlicensed plesk servers? Or is it just pure laziness on behalf of the Plesk team? Either way it is not functional to use the auto upgrade feature, and I trust that I will join the many that simply refuse to upgrade their server...... The future of Plesk!!!!
  5. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Plesk does not update PHP, MySQL, etc. on redhat, it runs with any versions you have installed -- you need to update packages yourself via shell or your server will be insecure.

    Paste the problem messages from the autoinstaller output. Rebooting servers should only need to be done after kernel updates really.