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Webstat acces for all???

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by TheFOX, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    Why is it posible to see webstat without login..???

    It's not cool that everybody can view the site webstat. It should not be posible for other than the domain owner...

    Is there a way to make it private or ...???

    In Safari on mac I get the HTML code displayed insted of the page. Works fine with Mozilla. Has anybody else seen this problem!!
  2. bmorejon

    bmorejon Guest

    Plesk things :eek:
  3. addstravel

    addstravel Guest

    I've noticed this problem too.
    It seems the only solution is to go directly into the IIS snap-in and change the permissions on the site to NOT allow anon access and selectiing the Basic authentication.
    Then go to the webstat folder and add the plesk user account for that domain. Therefore the domain user would need to enter their username and password before viewing their stats.

  4. Maxx

    Maxx Guest

    Of course Plesk has no need to tell people this BLATENT security hole. They say in another thread that they dont install things by default anymore in order that they don't allow security to be to loose.

    Yet this is a stupid issue much like leaving the front door closed and locked while leaving the window next to it wide open for the cat to walk in and out of the house.

    PLESK get your security fixed and let people know what is going on in the forum instead of saying that you do not support the forums for tech issues and rather people go hat in hand all quite and hush hush to you in an online form that one must fill out to get a support ticket.

    That is like saying you do not want to advertise your dirt laundry. You need to advertise to people the mistakes and coding errors in your program and address the issues of the customers you sell to.

    I know I have spent the better part of two weeks using this program and while I am now pretty much satisfied with it's BASIC use, I am sure there are problems galore that I haven't even begun to address.

    Documentation is a poor to useless area. You do not even tell people how to troubleshoot your program, rather you want them to PAY for support for urgent needs then tell people later on to remove the OS when they want to do a clean install of your program.

    0 Seconds to complete install??

    Am I the only one that sat there and watched that coding problem with the timer on the install?

    Who wrote that idiotic thing?

    I sat there and after 7 CLEAN and dirty installs of your program and had to watch in amazment each time it said 0 seconds to complete the install while it then when on for another 15 minutes installing other programs. This started to remind me of the clue that Plesk programmers were asleep at the wheel when they wrote the program

    You might find me upset here, but after having to enjoy the learning process at my own expense I am a bit frayed at the edges by many of Plesk's shortcomings and lunacy issues like the one above.

    Allowing users to run over to myplesk is another annoying issue. What are you trying to do? STEAL my customers who I worked to sell domains to??

    That is for IDIOTS and Profiteers.

    You won't find CPanel redirecting its web hosting customers to their sites whereby they sell them products that a web host would normally want to sell and profit from.

    Plesk should NOT be selling web hosting panels only to then redirect its customers clients to their own site where they sell products to those clients.

    These are not YOUR customers they are MINE!!!

    Why would any of you think to sell that or even write that code into a web host panel?

    Thats like saying hey I will put this in and make it hard for them to find the switch to disable it thus increasing business to Plesk from clients they don't own or work to get.

    And then offering a commision to us is like saying hey I will steal your customer and pay you a small pittance to do it to make it all nice and tidy.

    Thats lunacy...

    I could go on and on about what I went through as a clueless n00b to your program. But I shall save it for other threads.

    Yes I have installed it.

    Yes I am ok with it now.

    However, I spent a hella long time trying to make it work and even more watching in amazment the level of care and attitude from Plesk on how they treat a customer.

    The things they don't tell you until after the sale.

    SUPPORT the forum and stop asking for money to support bugs and problems you guys wrote.

    Forums are for people who buy your program. I think every program I have bought had a forum for people that were manned by people who answered questions about their products.

    I came here and saw question after question not answered. I saw many people in desperation write a question on the forum and then never get a response as if they don't matter.

    They do.

    They will tell 10 other people the nightmare they had and then those will tell 10 and so on.

    Take care of your forums. Take care of the people that write in them asking for help.

    I myself came in here many times with the same questions and saw no answers to be had...

    I also thought prior to buying that if there were few questions or the forum was not huge with technical issues then the program must be an easy one.

    However I was fooled into such an assumption....

    No one here, means no one to help, means no one cares, means no one has any answers, means tell us in private and when you do most likely we will tell people to reinstall the OS...

    That is terrible to even have a tech on staff that would tell someone to reinstall the OS...

    Yes I am boiling at times.

  5. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    You took the words out of my mouth... :-O

    And yes I'm working on it too... And I have had many problems during the installation of the software. Latest, I today removed Plesk and reinstalled it to target another path fore my domains (As someone told me to do in the forum) - just to see that nothing work after the reinstall. No login at all...

    I kindly adressed the company with my problems just to learn that I had to fill out a form, with my signature, telling that I understand that they charge 150 dollas pr. hour for support of that kind. And after this I shuld submit at support ticket... Come on guys ??? Is hat the way to tread new users!!! This really p..... me off!

    I didn't send the form - But I had to reinstall my Windows 2003 again, before the system was back to normal...

    Not a very friendly way of wellcome new costumers (and i just got my licenskey today). isn't it normal to get free support on installing new products - like 30 days or so...???? Or is it just buy and you are on your own...

    When it works it's a nice and easy controlpanel... but when things go wrong... help is far far away... Not good when the clients are on the phone telling that the don't get mail etc.

    This forum really need to be taken serios ... ?

    Kind regards
  6. addstravel

    addstravel Guest

    My understanding was that you receive 30 days free support and then you are billed. I hope so as I have only 5 days left and want them to look at some issues I have raised!!
  7. TheFOX

    TheFOX Guest

    Okay... maybe you are right - otherwise it's not fair... So if I misunderstand something, forgive me...

    but it is strange that at the same time as the sales person sent me the licens key she sent me the form I should fill out and the information about submiting the support ticket...

    And she should know that I was a new user (she just sent the key)... so why the form? I also hoped there was a 30 days free support... As I also belive I wrote that someplace...

    Anyway... I just got a little pissed... I come fore help and has to fill out forms and read long agrements... is it the goverment ;-)

  8. jaytee

    jaytee Guest

    About unprotected stats - Plesk for Windows behaves in the same way as Plesk for Unix in this regard. To make them protected, you should click on "Directories" in domain Control Panel, and create a protected directory called /webstat. This way you have full control over your stats and who can see it.

    We will make stats protected by default in the next version.