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What version? Photo Gallery?

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows' started by Vitch, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Vitch

    Vitch Guest

    I'm totally clueless as to what i'm doing. I host my website through www.imhosted.com. I have no idea what version of the swsoft sitebuilder I use, or which version they give me. All I want to do is make a photo gallery, but I don't see any section, icon, or anything to do it. Even when i add an image to a page I created, I don't even see a hyperlink icon to make it link to a different image. totally lost, totally confused, and the flash tutorials look nothing like the sitebuilder that I use. i wish i could just get support over the phone, but everytime I call I get a busy signal when trying to get the department I need.

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Alex Klimov

    Alex Klimov Guest

    Sitebuilder contains Image Gallery module - you can add it ro your site on the Pages step in Wizard. However this module could be disabled due to hosting plan. You should contact administrator, that rules the Sitebuilder you use.
    Or you can give me the URL to the Sitebuilder you use, so I'll check availability of this module and help you with it.
  3. ValeryB

    ValeryB Guest

    flash photo gallery

    I was in the same situation! I had a web site based on joomla, I should admit that its admin control panel is very complicated! So I've downloaded flash photo gallery from this web site beacuse it was stated that it has joomla compatibility. I needed flash because I have all the necessary transition effects in it! So I've installed it I thought this would be like a plug-in but the only thing I've managed to understand is that I press get code button and get html code. May I somehow insert it to my joomla site and where should I paste it?
  4. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:

    This thread is related to Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder product discussion. It does not related somehow to Joomla CMS.
    In terms of using some 3rd-party image gallery module in Sitebuilder, it is not possible. Sitebuilder has build-in image/phone gallery module which could be inserted on site and used without any issues.
    If you are not familiar with Sitebuilder product, suggest you to check additional information here: http://www.parallels.com/products/plesk/sitebuilder/