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Which SPLA license for Windows and SQL Server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by waverider, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. waverider

    waverider Guest


    I have troubles finding out which exact SPLA licenses I need for a hosting server that would have the following software installed:

    Plesk for Windows
    Windows 2003 Standard Edition
    SQL Server for Workgroups
    (assuming that there are unlimited Plesk accounts and unlimited SQL Databases & users).

    The issue is that I could not find an exact answer not even from SPLA partners, since they do not know exactly how Plesk works. And I've read and re-read SPLA documentation but there are always many ways to interpret the same sentence.

    Here go the questions:

    1. On a machine with Plesk and Windows, considering unlimited Plesk accounts, what Windows Std Edition license would be enough:

    (a) Windows Svr Std All Languages Lic/SA Pack MVL 1 Proc Lic Unauthenticate
    (2) Windows Svr Std Win32 All Languages Lic/SA Pack MVL 1 Processor License
    The issue here with one of the two licenses comes from the way user accounts on a Windows machine are considered. Does the IIS ftp accounts that Plesk creates count as users? Or side question, does Plesk work with other Windows FTP Servers then IIS Ftp, in order that Ftp users not to be counted as users?

    2. For unlimited databases and domains would this SQL Server license be enough:
    SQL Server Wrkgroup Edtn WinNT All Languages Lic/SA Pack MVL 1 Processor License?

    Can someone please tell me what licenses have they used when setting up a Windows hosting server like this?

    Thank you