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Acronis and Plesk CP

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by she4www, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. she4www

    she4www Guest


    (sorry for my bad english).

    I have installed Acronis TrueImage Server. But the Icon in the Plesk CP is grey. I can't click the icon.

    Wat's wrong? Please help.

    Thank you, Sven
  2. OlegB

    OlegB Guest

    Most probably that your version on Acronis is not supported by Plesk. As far as I know Plesk support only one Acronis version. It's inclued into its installer. If you have installed it from Plesk distro then Refresh button within Plesk > server> Components management will help you :)
  3. JanAndre

    JanAndre Guest

    I have the same problem. I am working on a box with a fresh installation of plesk 7.5.4.

    But the Acronis button is greyed out. Do i have to install something more?

    Thanks! :)
  4. ColorPrint

    ColorPrint Guest

    Have you bought Acronis license?
  5. JanAndre

    JanAndre Guest

    Ehh..no! I thought i was included in Plesk, Do you have an adress where i can order?

    Thanx again! ;)

    - Jan Andrè
  6. ColorPrint

    ColorPrint Guest

  7. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest

    Buy from acronis or swsoft

    Do you mean purchase and add on from plesk, because I have seen no refference to it on the site, or do you mean buy from acronis?

    I have installed the server version 8.0 from acronis to the server, but it will not communicate with the cp.

    It works fine outside of the cp, but i wanted it integrated.

    Ideas or clarification?
  8. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest

    Answered my own question

    OK, for those who do not know.....I was one of them,
    you will need a seperate purchase of true image enterprise for this to work with plesk at a hefty price of $999

    Still seems worth it if you can aford it.
  9. mazeman

    mazeman Guest

    Not worth it, there are alternatives

    I used Acronis and it gave me a couple of problems specially for remote work.

    Now I use this:

    It is way cheaper and works better and uses less server resources. You can make a boot cd that automatically restores your server with no user intervention.

    This product is underrated and is the best backup solution i have found for windows servers...
  10. jtheisen

    jtheisen Guest


    Very nice find, although not integrated with plesk still a great admin tool. Kudos 2 U! Going to test it right now.

    you mentioned remote problems...did it have anything to do with radmin and acronis? I got radmin replication services while running acronis on server.....spoke to acronis today (sister co of plesk, hmmmm)