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Added photo gallery, now page won't go away

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by danf@, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. danf@

    danf@ Guest

    I have a user that has a page that won't go away. The page doesn't show up in the Pages tab, but when I click on Edit, the first page that is presented is a page entitled Home, which has a photo gallery. I can click on one of the links to other pages on Home, and it takes me to the other page. On that page, there is no link back to Home.

    Since the page doesn't show up in Pages, I can't delete it.

    This appears to be a bug in SiteBuilder. Is there any way to get around it?

    I'm using SiteBuilder 1.1.1 on Debian.
  2. danf@

    danf@ Guest

    I never received an answer to this question. Now I have another user that is having the same problem. For the first user, we had to delete her site completely and have her start from scratch. I would prefer another solution, as we are going to drive away customers if they have to keep re-creating their sites.