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Assigning Trial Site To Your Account

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows' started by snyhof, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    This is in the documentation which I followed...
    Now that I have renamed the trial site and setup ownership I keep getting errors when I try to apply ownership again because there is no site attached to the owner. I can't explain this.

    The docs below explain what I did, I followed the documentation. But this owner does not have a site, but he does acording to the error messages. Dosen't show a site, so I try again and it tells me this site already belongs to a registered user.

    I think I will just delete the whole user, site, domain and client and start over like I typically do to sign someone up. Then copy this users info content (which I have) over to a the template they were using and set it all up again for them. Brother!

    I am not submitting a ticket because I will be asked to pay for this and I believe this does not fall under that. This is the first time I ran into this and it fails. That's enough for now, I have a lot of duplicate manual work a head of me.

    As administrator, you can appropriate any trial site existing in the system. This option is useful when you want to upgrade a trial site to regular.

    To assign a trial site to your account:

    On the navigation pane, click Sites.
    In the list of sites, click the Edit icon for the trial site you want to appropriate to open it in the Sitebuilder Wizard.
    Copy the temporary site URL displayed on the Publish step of the Sitebuilder Wizard.
    Go back to your Administrator Panel by clicking Go to Admin Panel in the upper part of the screen.
    On the Sites screen, click Own Site.
    In the Site URL field, paste the temporary URL of the trial site.
    In the Site name field, provide any arbitrary name for the site.
    Click OK.
    Alternatively, you can open the trial site settings in your Administrator Panel by clicking the site name on the Sites screen, specify your Sitebuilder user name in the Owner field and click OK.
  2. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I have checked this situation but did not meet any troubles. Here what was done to check this issue:

    1. I created two Site Owners: User1 and User2.
    2. I created two trial sites: Site1 and Site2.
    3. After that I logged under User1 and click on 'Own Site' button, inserted appropriate URL which I got after trial Site1 creation and site name. Confirmed that site is owned by User1.
    4. Then I logged into Sitebuilder as administrator and clicked on Sites -> Site2 where I defined Site Owner as User1.
    5. Confirmed that both sites are owned User1.
    6. Under administrator user changed site Owner for Site1 from User1 to User2.
    7. Confirmed that Site Owners for Site1 and Site2 are correct.

    It looks good. Could you check it one more time and give me more details if I missed something?
  3. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    Hi Dmitry,
    I am going to do a few tests today the same way you described. I only just ran into this and probably did something wrong.

    I let you know here.