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Moving a published site - licence implications

Discussion in 'Sitebuilder 4.0 for Windows' started by m.r.davies, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. m.r.davies

    m.r.davies Guest

    I have a customer who has asked the following question:

    If i disappear, would it be possible for him to take his published site and move it elsewhere under his own host (a different ISP)

    obviously he wont be able to update the site anymore.

    How do the published sites effect licencing? does it do the licence check on published sites as well as the admin app?

    if you could let me know asap that would be great as i said i would get back to him asap

  2. Sinclair

    Sinclair Guest

    I am not sure I completely understand the hypotetic situation you're trying to resolve, but here are some considerations:
    1. Our (SWsoft's) license is not applied to the end-users (i.e. the site owners). License controls only the Sitebuilder usage by our client (the hoster).
    2. The rights of the end-user are governed by the service agreement between them and hoster.
    3. In case the hoster permits the end-user getting the site contents, we won't argue.
    More detail: there are two possible situations:
    3a. End-user makes a copy of the site and places it elsewhere, leaving the original site intact. Original site still exists on the hosters' resources; Sitebuilder still counts it towards the license limitation. So, nothing changes from the hoster point of view
    3b. End-user leaves. They cancel the original site; it is being purged from Sitebuilder database and not counted towards the license limitation anymore.

    4. Let's discuss the other end: the new site.
    4a. If user simply copies all the files to another hosting, everything will work with a minor exception: Google Maps are bound to the site URL; so the domain should be transferred to the new hosting as well for it to work.
    Note that user won't be able to perform the site maintenance anymore: processing eShop orders, posting new Blog comments, etc. won't be available

    4b. Import into another Sitebuilder.
    This is possible, but there are some technical complexities which I would rather refrain from describing at the moment.

    Hope this helps.
  3. m.r.davies

    m.r.davies Guest


    So just to confirm
    If the customer wanted to take their published site to another company without sitebuilder, they could just take the published site and it would work ?

    And this wont effect any licences

    ...obviously they wont be able to update the site.