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Need of help Quickly!

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by BrandyS, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. BrandyS

    BrandyS Guest

    I am fairly new to Sitebuilder and HostGator, therefore I am hoping there is an easy solution for my problems. I have created a website, www.gcnfventures.com. (not a lot there) However I am constructing the site under name www.gcnfventures.com/test.
    I have several problems with Sitebuilder:
    1) Banner is only one size, I see that the template has banner with gradient fill, why, when I upload my banner I can't create gradient fill to cover the blank spot on the side? Why won't my banner fit in the section and Sitebuilder resizes it?
    2) Font constantly changing. I cannot change hyperlink colors, unvisited, visited or visited. The default I suppose is purple and blue however this does not show up on my webpage. How can I change this default color? If I highlight text to change size and I choose any size, let's say large, the text with change to small??? When I need to move text around on a page, I cut and paste, however, this doesn't work most of the time. I can paste what I thought I cut but all my text will disappear?
    3) The default template links (tabs at top of page and side) are too small. How can I make these bigger and change the font to match mine?

    I can easily go to cPanel and change my stylesheet and correct all of these issues however, when you publish in Sitebuilder all the codes are written over. So, no matter what I do in cPanel, Sitebuilder will veto it.

    Here is my major dilemma. I have several employees that will be working with the webpage, making updates, etc. They will be using Sitebuilder to do this. Let's say that I will use Dreamweaver to build the site, anything that I do will be written over when my employees make changes using Sitebuilder and publishing.

    Please please help anyone. I have my ribbon cutting on Tuesday and really need to have these issues resolved so that I can move forward with the site.

    Thanks so much
  2. blazesoft

    blazesoft Guest


    Yes there are lots of issues with what you have.

    First, don't paste direct from Word into the editor as it takes across hidden formatting which messes up how the editor control things.

    2. Drop the flash. Its pointless and goes against SEO completely.

    3. You have an error on http://www.gcnfventures.com/test/CustomerFeedback.php