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No interpretation of clist__page: clist__first clist__prev 1 clist__next clist__last

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by ozit, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. ozit

    ozit Guest

    No interpretation of clist__page: clist_... big probleme of translation

    Hy guruz,

    I bought at a hebergor a dedicated server which has Plesk 7.5 under Fedora Core 2 .
    I think that my Plesk has a problem of interpretation of the variables (on "Domain" page : clist__page: clist__first clist__prev 1 clist__next clist__last clist__page_size and more). Only the French language is selectionnable.

    if somebody has an idea, I am taking.

  2. ozit

    ozit Guest

    no idee ? :confused:
  3. ozit

    ozit Guest

    I found a little probleme/solution :
    thanks to OVH help

    I have 2 plesk serveurs in 2 différents hebergor.
    Both have only one for the Maximum number of language packs

    The first one have an English language,
    the second one have a French language.

    I appear that all the translation have not been done.
    Exemple :
    in the file
    there is

    'clist__first' => 'First',
    'clist__last' => 'last',
    'clist__prev' => '<<',
    'clist__next' => '>>',
    'clist__page' => 'Pages',
    'clist__page_size' => 'Number of entries per page',
    'clist__info' => '%4 %1 total',
    'clist__info_empty' => 'No %1',
    'clist__info_filter' => '%5 %1 found',
    'clist__info_paging' => '%2-%3 %1 of %4 total',
    'clist__info_paging_filter' => '%2-%3 %1 of %5 found',

    and there is nothing about those chain in

    it is the same with a lot of variable like all the

    Who is working for translation, I should give him the work I've done.