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password protect a page

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by richa, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. richa

    richa Guest

    Can someone tell me how to password protect a few pages, so i can have a partial members site, so nonmembers cannot view these pages.I have seen several software programs through google,but most want to charge you and I am not sure which to use. I am using sitebuilder 4.5 and inmotion hosting. Inmotion said i can only password protect folders not pages and that i would need a cms system??? Also I am new to site building,any help would be thankful.
  2. MelissaR

    MelissaR Guest

    Did you ever receive an answer to this question? I'm faced with the same challenge and would love to hear how you proceeded.
  3. blazesoft

    blazesoft Guest


    Its not possible. Not with the Linux version anyway. You need to sort that yourself some other way as far as I am aware.

  4. anneliee

    anneliee Guest

    I'm like you, a complete novice on this but I did find an easy PHP script on the internet. It worked for me, but don't ask me how safe it is.

    So, use the script mode and add this for the text:

    $user = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'];
    $pass = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'];
    if ($user != 'username' or $pass != 'password'){
    header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Some text"');
    header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorised');

    You can in this script change the 'username' and 'password' to what you want the username and password to be. You can also change the ''UNAUTHORISED ACCESS' to say whatever you wish.

    Good luck!
  5. richa

    richa Guest

    I used http://php-login-script.com/ ,which was quite simple. But I ended up going to a different site builder, because you have limited functionality with the one inmotion provides.
  6. Grizzly

    Grizzly Guest

    I tried your script, but it didn't work. How exactly did you use it? Thx.