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Plesk 8.2, Qmail & rblspp,... authenticated clients still blocked by RBLs

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by cyberskater, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. cyberskater

    cyberskater Guest


    plesk 8.2 qmail running & "rblspp" installed and configured, but authenticated clients still get sometimes blocked by rbl's. "rblspp" installed as described by Tomislav Randjic

    qmail Plugin-Config contains this in [rcpt] part:

    :plugins/rblspp -r zen.spamhaus.org

    Plugins "ifauthskip" & "rblspp" are in "/var/qmail/plugins/" and readable/executable by qmail.

    Files "/etc/xinetd.d/smtp_psa" & "/etc/xinetd.d/smtps_psa" look like this:

    service smtp
    socket_type = stream
    protocol = tcp
    wait = no
    disable = no
    user = root
    instances = UNLIMITED
    server = /var/qmail/bin/tcp-env
    server_args = -Rt0 /var/qmail/bin/relaylock /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd /var/qmail/bin/smtp_auth /var/qmail/bin/true /var/qmail/bin/cmd5checkpw /var/qmail/bin/true

    Any Idea? Am I missing any config part or modification?
  2. faris

    faris Guest

    Why not use spamdyke (www.spamdyke.org) instead of fiddling with qmail patches and plugins? It installs in a few mins, and bypasses all filtering for authenticated users.

    Alternatively why not set up a second smtp instance on port 587 with no dnsrbls?
  3. mar3k

    mar3k Guest

    Use spamdyke...

    I had the same problem, seems like the qmail version shipped with Plesk can't use the ifauthskip plugin. So I tried spamdyke and it is easy to configure and does what qmail should with ifauthskip plugin and more...