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SSL - rootmaster.info Problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by feb31st, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. feb31st

    feb31st Guest

    I've searched every form, Google for hours... called 1&1 (they hang up because i am a Root customer), etc... no clue! Please help!

    "The security certificate presented belongs to s215111287.rootmaster.info". It is possible, though unlikely that someone may be trying to intercept your communication with this we site"

    I have my private key, certificate, etc... all those parts, they install fine on Plesk. No issues!

    But I still get this error. I've paired it with the IP, rebooted, tried everything I can ever think of. Even bought another certificate... no luck

    What the heck is this s215111287.rootmaster.info?

    I've checked the domainhost, etc... no sign of this. I am stummped.

    My certificate was working fine a few months ago, and this was brought to my attention today.
  2. wagnerch

    wagnerch Guest

    You might want to check in Plesk if there is any other domains using the same IP. SSL requires an EXCLUSIVE IP address assigned only to that domain.

    If it is not EXCLUSIVE, then it is possibly that Apache picks up the first or last domain in the httpd.conf files and uses the SSL cert for all domains on the same IP.

    Odds are this rootmaster.info is your default cert that 1&1 setup.
  3. feb31st

    feb31st Guest

    Perhaps I need more patience or less trial & error.

    I was able to get the SSL to function correctly - sort of. I added an additional IP address, tried to move my original domain name in question, to that - but had no luck. So I reassigned my other domains to the added domain and set the original IP as exclusive. However.

    Current Issue:

    www.default.com > points to original IP (SSL works) 179.5
    default.com > points to added IP address 167.58

    All of my other domains names, work fine & dandy. All of my subdomains, under the default and other domains, work without issue.

    I've checked my DNS settings, they appear to be correct, rebooted, restarted services, etc. Googled the hell out of everything as well.

    In the 1&1 control panel I reassigned the DNS records, they have the "update in progress" message, now switched to "updated" - the DNS checks appear to be correct.

    When I visit the IP Address Management in 1&1, for the reverse lookup:

    The original domain name is reversed to the new IP, and the original IP is reversed to the ...onlinehome-server.com.

    When I try to flip flop them, so the default domain points to the original IP address, I get: Invalid entry. Please check that it is correctly written and that the domain's IP address is correctly entered as the A record.