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Swsoft Serivce quality

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by crd_x, May 12, 2006.

  1. crd_x

    crd_x Guest


    I'm not that kind of person who's complaining day and night about everything. I've also not been unpatient while waiting for patches and updates, even they've been blocked by my provider also (server4you.de).

    Your customers are sure, that you have had a lot of work to ramp-up a new major release of Plesk with version 8.

    We started to use Plesk in February and were evaluating this as platform for a managed service for this part of our customers who require webhosting.

    Sorry for that, but that' was not professional and not feasible for us. Lot of time, a lot of escalations of angry customers who are paying a lot for other services we are providing and over weeks no sign of light at the horizon at SWsoft. Waiting for updates and patches and having lots of issues with Plesk 8 and prior to this also with Plesk 7.5.4.

    It's generally a great product, but has a lot of chances for service improvements. Maybe an idea could be to focus on testing and improving a product and not using the customers data-center as testing environment. A management-software should never be a 'banana-product' - it should maturate in your labs and not in a hole of lost customers.

    After this experience, how upgrades, support and announcements are handled at SWsoft, the question if we will use Plesk for professional services has clearly been answered - no.

  2. cyrus1u1

    cyrus1u1 Guest

    Please send this message to SWsoft. For contact, see below:

    Nobody from SWsoft will read your post here.

    To me confixx has been a great software with essential but easy-to-manage functions. Plesk has not only implemented the missing functions from confixx, but neither implemented the real crucial functions from it.

    However, the support of SWSoft is just great and very professional. It is very fast and they really stand behind their product as they say...
  3. crd_x

    crd_x Guest

    Well, we all are making our own experiences - maybe you have others than we have. Good for you :)
  4. cyrus1u1

    cyrus1u1 Guest

    Oh I'm must reading this passage over again, I'm a newbee in english, I meant that Plesk hasn't integrated the real crucial functions from confixx but only the one which were missing, which is absolutely senseless.

    I'm still using Confixx on the old servers.. sorry for my confusing message.

    PS: This may be correct:

    To me confixx has been a great software with essential but easy-to-manage functions. Plesk has only implemented the missing functions from confixx, but has completly forgotten to implement the real crucial functions from it.
  5. Lars@

    Lars@ Guest

    What are the missing functions?
    - more colors?
    - keeping away admins from the system with a windows like GUI?
    - endless nights for admins to look where Plesk f/u/c/k/e/d up this time?

  6. crd_x

    crd_x Guest

    2 points from me:

    - i'm german so it could be, that not everything is verbalized quite well.
    - lars, i'm absolutely with you, but the product would met it's targets, if the folks at swsoft would focus more on business continuity aspects of their users.

    our biggest issue was and still is the error of the missing key-file of drweb. i know and was also told by my provider, that this is a well known issue and the given resolutions in the forum didn't fix it as well. even the support at my housing provider didn't manage to fix the license issue til yet.

    for this one: how could it be, that we are paying overall 20,- EUR per month only for the plesk license and have to live without valid license keys for the integrated products and so have a sucking mailsystem? if we would try to fix it with changing the antivirus-daemon we would have to re-install once, because this is unsupported.

    so what we got so far since march:
    - an update for plesk which was pulled back by the provider due to the bunge of bugs in it AFTER we had already installed it and it worked aside of a few minor issues.
    - a new version of drweb anti-virus without valid license
    - in summary a lot of issues, that had to be manually fixed. (mailman, qmail without drweb, horde, smtp-issues, ...)

    i'm wondering if the folks of swsoft are reading this. if so, when will we get a valid license or a fix for drwebd? or is it another bug or do we understand something wrong at this 2 messages:

    during start of drweb:
    - no vaild license key found!
    - /var/log/mail.info:

    May 14 06:49:40 qmail-queue[14704]: mail: all addreses are uncheckable - need to skip scanning (by deny mode)
    May 14 06:49:40 qmail-queue[14704]: scan: the message(drweb.tmp.pAqzs7) sent by sender@domain.tld to recipient@domain.tld should be passed without checks, because contains uncheckable addresses

    i found in your forums, that there are a lot of people who are thinking the same and got no (releasing) reply for that.